About the Hiatus

This post is long overdue:

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, this blog’s brief hiatus became a rather long hiatus.  This is owing to the fact that one of people who helped to run it ( lanskyed ) passed away in early April.  She was responsible for the original idea, and every post was a collaborative effort between us.  We had such a good time combing tfln for potential jokes, finding silly screencaps, and giggling over everyone’s tags.  Making you guys laugh was one of her favorite things.

textsfromtheboardwalk is never going to be the same without her.  That being said, when season 5 starts in a month’s time, I will do my best to revive this blog and resume posting.  I can’t promise I’ll be successful, but I will try.  Submissions are, as always, welcome.  Thank you guys for being so supportive and wonderful this whole time.

(Brief) Hiatus

As some of you might have noticed, for the last few days there have been some interruptions in the usual posting schedule.  We adore all of you, and we love making these, but in order to avoid creative burnout we’ve decided that this blog should go on temporary hiatus for a few weeks, or at most a month.  After that we will be back, and we have some great things planned.  Thanks to all our followers for being so lovely; we appreciate your patience.

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